WRI Brasil works in close collaboration with local leaders to protect the environment and create solutions that foster Brazil's prosperity in an inclusive and sustainable fashion.

What We Do

  • Climate

    Advancing transformative solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Forests

    Sustaining forests for people and planet.
  • Sustainable Cities

    Developing and scaling solutions for smart urban growth.


  • In the International Day of Forests (March 21), WRI Brasil experts explain why planting trees offers a huge benefit to the climate and the planet, and why this is the "moment for forest restoration and reforestation agenda to take off, gain scale and be in any portfolio of investments"

  • "Trump's irresponsible blindness on the climate issue could have an infinitely greater impact for many decades or centuries for the planet Earth and all living species, including Homo sapiens, if we surpass some planetary point of no return" writes WRI Brasil's senior fellow in an article published in the newspaper Valor Econômico

  • Advancing open government is not limited to national actions. Cities, districts, and regions all have a critical role to play in democratic reforms. By promoting greater transparency and increasing access to information, local governments can empower citizens with the knowledge they need to engage in the political processes that shape their everyday lives

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