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Walter De Simoni

Especialista em Clima e Cidades

Walter is a Climate and Cities Specialist at WRI Brasil. He is helping to coordinate the Climate and Cities Initiative, bringing together both teams to deal with common challenges such as air...

Carolina Genin

Climate Director

Carolina is the Climate Director at WRI Brasil. In this role, she strategizes how WRI can put its knowledge and expertise at the service of Brazilian society to best mitigate climate change risks...

Janet Ranganathan

Vice President for Science and Research

Janet Ranganathan is the Vice President for Science and Research at the World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research organization that works at the intersection of environment and...

Talita Esturba

Research Analyst

Talita Esturba is a Research Analyst at WRI Brazil. She has a Master’s degree in Energy from the University of São Paulo (USP), a bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering from the São Paulo...

Berta Pinheiro

Urban Mobility and Climate Specialist

Berta Pinheiro is a specialist in Urban Mobility and Climate at WRI Brasil. She works to mitigate the environmental impacts of urban transport in cities, supporting the development of urban...

Viviane Romeiro

Climate Manager

Viviane Romeiro is the Climate Manager at WRI Brasil.

Viviane has a Ph.D. degree in Energy from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), in Brazil, and has completed a Ph.D. exchange program on...

Rachel Biderman

Executive Director

Rachel Biderman is the Executive Director for WRI Brasil. She leads a 60+ team of professionals who work in close collaboration with local leaders to protect the environment and create solutions...

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