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Areas of Expertise: finance

Fernanda Silva

Analista de Departamento Pessoal

Fernanda é Analista de Departamento Pessoal da equipe operações WRI Brasil. Ela é responsável por toda rotina de departamento pessoal e também contribui nas atividades das áreas financeira e...

Gustavo Rodrigues

Estagiário de Investimentos

Gustavo Rodrigues é estagiário de investimentos no programa de Florestas do WRI Brasil, trabalhando em investimentos florestais, assim como modelagens de crescimento e econômicas de espécies...

Grace Wasem

Executive Assistant

Grace Wasem is executive assistant, responsible for organizing the meetings and events, as well as the trips of the directors of WRI Brasil. She also helps managers in some of their activities....

Mario Neto

Grants and Contracts Analyst

Mario is an Analyst in the Grants & Contracts’ team, being part of WRI Brasil Operations Team.

Before coming to WRI Brasil, he worked in the financial markets, in consultancy companies...

Claudia Garcia

Administrative and Financial Manager

Claudia Garcia is administrative and financial manager at WRI Brasil. She is responsible for operations in the financial area and also for controlling.

Claudia built her career in the...

Cibele Soares

Administrative Assistant

Cibele is an Administrative Assistant at WRI Brasil in Porto Alegre. She collaborates on administrative demands including finance management support, archiving documents and providing intern and...

Débora Neves

Financial Analist

Débora Neves is a Financial Analist at WRI Brasil, where she works with Porto Alegre team helping the financial supervisor with financial resources.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, Débora...

Luana Betti

Coordenadora de Economia Urbana

Luana Betti is an Urban Economics Specialist at the Urban Development sector of WRI Brasil. She works on the analysis of sustainable city funding mechanisms, especially actions targeting more...

Rita Tomilin

Project Manager

Rita Tomilin is the Projects Manager for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities, with a focus on project management and supervision.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, she worked at TOTVS for eight years...

Letícia Liechavicius

Senior Human Resources Analyst

Letícia is the Senior Human Resources Analyst for the WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. She assists with budgets, financial reports and contracts.

Before joining WRI Brasil, she worked in...


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