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Henrique Cabral

Urban Mobility Intern

Henrique de Mello Cabral é estagiário de Mobilidade Urbana no WRI Brasil, auxiliando no desenvolvimento de projetos, com foco na melhoria de sistemas de transporte coletivo.

Antes de se...

Manon Masi

Urban Mobility Intern

Manon Buisson Masi is an Urban Mobility intern at WRI Brazil, working with a focus on bus priority systems and aspects related to improving the quality of these systems.

Prior to joining...

Francisco Minella Pasqual

Urban Mobility Intern

Francisco Minella Pasqual is an Urban Mobility Intern at WRI Brazil, working with a focus on new sustainable mobility and its regulations.

Before joining WRI Brazil, he worked as a...

Diogo Lemos

Road Safety Analyst

Diogo Dias Lemos is the Road Safety Analyst at WRI Brasil, with focus on urban and street design, traffic safety projects, public transportation and urban development.

Prior to joining WRI...

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