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For a moratorium on meat from the Amazon

The expression "the occupation of the Amazon will follow the fox's leg" has left until today a simplistic and ignorant geopolitical heritage compared to the enormous and still little exploited potential of the natural resources of the regional biodiversity. Read the full article published in the newspaper Valor Econômico


Localizing Open Government Reforms

Advancing open government is not limited to national actions. Cities, districts, and regions all have a critical role to play in democratic reforms. By promoting greater transparency and increasing access to information, local governments can empower citizens with the knowledge they need to engage in the political processes that shape their everyday lives


4 Irrefutable Truths About Climate Change Science

During the recent confirmation hearings of President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, a familiar pattern has emerged. Many of them have acknowledged that climate change is happening, but each has then sowed doubt by either understating the connection between human activity and climate change or by suggesting that there’s too much uncertainty to act. The overall effect of these statements is to confuse or stall progress



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