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And If The U.S. Withdraws From The Paris Agreement?

"Trump's irresponsible blindness on the climate issue could have an infinitely greater impact for many decades or centuries for the planet Earth and all living species, including Homo sapiens, if we surpass some planetary point of no return" writes WRI Brasil's senior fellow in an article published in the newspaper Valor Econômico


Cities Safer by Design

Cities Safer by Design is a global reference guide to help cities save lives from traffic fatalities through improved street design and smart urban development. Over 1.2 million people die in traffic crashes globally each year, mostly pedestrians, and that number is growing...

Natural Infrastructure

Aging water infrastructure, increasing demand, continued land use change, and increasingly extreme weather events are driving the costs of water management higher in the United States. Investing in integrated water management strategies that combine engineered solutions with "natural...

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