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Claudia Garcia

Administrative and Financial Manager

Claudia Garcia is administrative and financial manager at WRI Brasil. She is responsible for operations in the financial area and also for controlling.

Claudia built her career in the...

Bruno Rizzon

Analista Pleno de Mobilidade Ativa

Bruno Rizzon is Road Safety Analyst at WRI Brazil. He integrates the Road Safety team and contributes to analysis of road safety in urban transport projects and traffic accident data.


Débora Neves

Analista Financeiro Sênior de Projetos e Cidades

Débora Neves is a Financial Analist at WRI Brasil, where she works with Porto Alegre team helping the financial supervisor with financial resources.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, Débora...

Virgínia Tavares

Urban Mobility Analyst

Virginia is an Urban Mobility Analyst at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities, working on the application of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Simulators in BRT projects.

Prior to joining the program,...

Luana Betti

Coordenadora de Financiamento e Economia Urbana

Luana Betti is an Urban Economics Specialist at the Urban Development sector of WRI Brasil. She works on the analysis of sustainable city funding mechanisms, especially actions targeting more...

Bruno Felin

Especialista Sênior de Comunicação

Bruno Felin is a Communications Specialist at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. He supports the coordination of content production for different platforms: TheCityFix Brasil blog, WRI Brasil...

Rita Tomilin

Project Manager

Rita Tomilin is the Projects Manager for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities, with a focus on project management and supervision.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, she worked at TOTVS for eight years...

Luiza de Oliveira Schmidt

Urban Development Coordinator

Luiza is the Urban Development Coordinator for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. She is responsible for prospecting and maintaining the relationships with Brazilian cities public managers.



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