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Letícia Liechavicius

Senior Human Resources Analyst

Letícia is the Senior Human Resources Analyst for the WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. She assists with budgets, financial reports and contracts.

Before joining WRI Brasil, she worked in...

Rafael Feltran-Barbieri

Economista Sênior

Rafael Feltran-Barbieri is a biologist and economist, working at WRI Brasil in Restoration Projects, Natural Infrastructures and Land Use Change. Before joining the team, Barbieri was an economist...

Karla Battistella

Operations Director

Karla is the Operations Director at WRI Brasil, working to coordinate Finance and HR teams in Brazil, both in São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

She has experience focused on organizational...

Julio Rioli

Grants & Contracts Manager

Julio is the Grants and Contracts Manager for the Brazilian market. He works to structure, manage and control the deadlines, budgeting and performance of the grants and contract at WRI Brasil’s...

Selma Bombachini

Executive Secretary

Selma Bombachini joined WRI Brasil in 2015 and holds two different positions. She acts as Executive Secretary organizing the organisation's schedule, meetings, events and trips, in addition to...

Ariadne Samios

Coordenadora de Mobilidade Ativa

Ariadne Samios is Active Mobility Analyst at WRI Brazil. She is an Architect and Urbanist graduated at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and holds a master's degree in Transport...

Mariana Barcelos

Urban Mobility Analyst

Mariana Barcelos is Urban Mobility Analyst at WRI Brasil. She Works on projects related to public transport quality focused on clients. Currently, she works directly with QualiÔnibus Program that...


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