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Fernando Corrêa

Communications Analyst

Fernando Corrêa é Analista de Comunicação no WRI Brasil. Ele atua na produção de conteúdos relacionados às áreas de trabalho da organização.

Antes de se juntar ao WRI Brasil, Fernando...

Francisco Minella Pasqual

Urban Mobility Intern

Francisco Minella Pasqual is an Urban Mobility Intern at WRI Brazil, working with a focus on new sustainable mobility and its regulations.

Before joining WRI Brazil, he worked as a...

Talita Esturba

Research Analyst

Talita Esturba is a Research Analyst at WRI Brazil. She has a Master’s degree in Energy from the University of São Paulo (USP), a bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering from the São Paulo...

Bruno Batista

Active Mobility Analist

Bruno Braga Batista is an Active Mobility Analyst at WRI Brasil. He works on projects related to active mobility and the improvement of accessibility in Brazilian cities.

Bruno currently...

Valmir Ortega


Valmir Ortega is a member of WRI's Brasil Board of Directors.

He is a geographer. During 10 years, Ortega occupied the position of Director of Ecosystems and Substitute President at the...

Rafael Feltran-Barbieri

Natural Infrastructure and Land Use Specialist

Rafael Feltran-Barbieri is a biologist and economist, working at WRI Brasil in Restoration Projects, Natural Infrastructures and Land Use Change. Before joining the team, Barbieri was an economist...

Henrique Evers

Urban Development Manager

Henrique is the Urban Development Manager of WRI Brasil where he works in urban planning and financing. Currently supports projects on supporting Master Plans revision, Transit-Oriented...

Lara Caccia

Urban Development Specialist

Lara is an Urban Development Specialist and is currently working with WRI Brasil' Urban Development and Accessibility team.

Prior to joining the team, Lara worked at Metroplan, which is...

Cristina Albuquerque

Urban Mobility Manager

Cristina is the Urban Mobility Manager for WRI Brasil's Cities Program. She works to transform the Brazilian’s cities transport system to cleaner and more efficient means. Thus, increasing the...


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