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The Brazilian Coalition for Climate, Forestry and Agriculture launches proposals for COP21 setting the pace for a low-carbon economy

(SAO PAULO, JUNE 2015) The Brazilian Coalition for Climate, Forestry and Agriculture launched on June 24th in São Paulo, bringing together key actors from across a range of sectors to propose and promote public policies towards the growth of agriculture, livestock and forest economy in Brazil. The Coalition aims to push the country to assume global leadership in sustainable, low-carbon economy, generating jobs, income, social integration and prosperity. WRI Brasil is a founding member of the Coalition and signatory of the proposals.

The Coalition's members, made up of companies, civil society organizations and individuals, are considered leaders in their field, setting the debate on how to drive a thriving economy aligned with socio-environmental demands.

Since December 2014, more than 50 entities participated in meetings that resulted in the formation of the Coalition (

Some of the Brazilian Coalition members that attended the event include:

  • Marina Grossi, Director of the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development;
  • Celina Carpi, President of the Ethos Institute Deliberative Council;
  • Carlos Rittl, Executive Secretary of Observatório do Clima (Brazilian climate watch network of NGOs);
  • Miriam Prochnow, Coordinator of Diálogo Florestal;
  • Guilherme Leal, Co-president of Natura’s Administration Council;
  • Gustavo Junqueira, President of Sociedade Rural Brasileira (the Brazilian Rural Society);
  • José Luciano Penido, President of Fibria’s Administrative Council;
  • Luis Roberto Pogetti, President of Unica’s Deliberative Council (Sugarcane Industry Union);
  • Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, Executive president of Ibá (Brazilian Trees Industry);
  • Rachel Biderman, Director of World Resources Institute Brasil (WRI).
  • Ricardo Guimarães, President of Thymus Branding;
  • Roberto S. Waack, President of the Amata Council.


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