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Danilo Oliveira

Digital Media Analyst

Danilo is the Digital Communication Analyst for WRI Brazil. He is responsible for digital strategies and paid media.

He has experience in advertising and communication agencies. During his...

Bruno Calixto

Communications Specialist

Bruno Calixto is a Communications Specialist at WRI Brasil. He creates content and support communications strategy for the Climate and Forests programs at WRI Brasil.

Prior to joining WRI...

Daniel Hunter

Visual Communications Assistant

Daniel Hunter is a Visual Communication Assistant at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. He is responsible for creating graphics content for WRI Brasil website, as collaborating in the development of...

Paula Tanscheit

Communications Analyst

Paula is the Communications Analyst for WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. She works to cover events, produce web and blog content and also supports the programs and projects through the dissemination...

Priscila Pacheco

Communications Analyst

Priscila Pacheco is Communications Analyst at WRI Brasil. She works in the implementation of communications strategies and analysis and production of content related to the scope of work of the...

Bruno Felin

Communications Specialist

Bruno Felin is a Communications Specialist at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. He supports the coordination of content production for different platforms: TheCityFix Brasil blog, WRI Brasil...

Caroline Donatti

Communications Coordinator

Caroline Donatti is the Communications coordinator at WRI Brasil. She is the responsible for communications strategies and develops plans to integrate all WRI Brasil communications channels and to...


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