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Diogo Lemos

Road Safety Analyst

Diogo Dias Lemos is the Road Safety Analyst at WRI Brasil, with focus on urban and street design, traffic safety projects, public transportation and urban development.

Prior to joining WRI...

Andressa Ribeiro

Active Mobility Analist

Andressa Ribeiro is an Active Mobility Analyst in the Cities Program of WRI Brasil. She supports and develops activities focused on road safety, urban transport and design, and geospatial analysis...

Bruno Rizzon

Road Safety Analyst

Bruno Rizzon is Road Safety Analyst at WRI Brazil. He integrates the Road Safety team and contributes to analysis of road safety in urban transport projects and traffic accident data.


Paula Santos

Active Mobility Manager

Paula Santos is the Active Mobility Manager at WRI Brasil.

She has worked on the improvement of EMBARQ's SimBRT - the EMBARQ bus rapid transit (BRT) simulator - since 2009 on simulations...

Marta Obelheiro

Road Safety Specialist

Marta Obelheiro is the Road Safety Coordinator at WRI Brasil, with a focus on public transportation, urban development and traffic safety projects.

She is currently involved in supporting...

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